Squared Online isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… #SquaredOnline

Oh what a difference a month makes…

Module four is where Squared Online really started to go downhill fast in my opinion, I had had a few grumbles in the past few modules however module four really did diminish the last bit of excitement I had for the course and has left me feeling a tad embarrassed that I fell for the sales pitch in the first place.

I feel like the guys behind Squared need reminding that we haven’t paid nearly £1,500 for the qualification, we earn the qualification and pay for the resources and training, Both of which are severally lacking.

Module four was meant to be all about “data, insights and optimisation”. It was a module that provided very little insight into Google analytics itself, but based the entire assignment on it. The resources that were provided, came with the following note:

Please Note – These Bytes have not yet been updated to reflect the current changes being implemented across the Google Analytics Platform. All reports are still available but for more up-to-date tutorials please see the Analytics Education videos in the relevant reporting section”

I don’t believe this disclaimer to be acceptable, I find it more frustrating that they have gone to the time and effort of adding it. Why have I invested so much time and money into a course that isn’t prepared to invest enough time to update their learning resources. This material is neither use nor ornament and if I had no prior knowledge of Google analytics I’d have been hung out to dry.

The module covered Google analytics so thinly by lecturers who made comments such as…

“I’m quite new to analytics, I don’t really have much experience using it”- Professor Merlin Stone

that it fell to team members who had experience using Analytics to get other team members through (and by experience, I mean they at least knew how to log in!), I doubt either party got the training or guidance here that they thought they had signed up for. It’s laughable to say the least, it really makes me question how much involvement Google genuinely have with the syllabus of this course.

Digital landscape
The people behind this course claim to understand how quickly the digital landscape changes and the importance of keeping up with it. I cant help feel that they should perhaps practice what they preach. References to articles that are regularly over three years old are not the most up-to-date content we could be provided with. Squared have said to me that they encourage us to go and find the information out for ourselves however this doesn’t lie well with me. This is exactly what I was doing before I threw £1.5k down the drain, naturally there will always be an element of self education but I signed up to this ‘revolutionary course’ to be provided with a little more guidance and thought provoking content.

As you can probably tell, I could go on and on. This is something I have discussed with Squared, however I cant help feel that it falls on death ears. The reassurance that my feedback will help improve the course for the next generation of mugs does nothing to add value to the course I am currently dragging myself through. The number of guest lecturers falls way below par and often the classes themselves are far from engaging. Replacing live classes with 90 minute long videos… snore! Do they genuinely believe that this is value for money?

I voiced my concerns to Stephen Moore (it’s worth complaining just to hear his rather gorgeous Irish accent), but there was nothing he could do. I was told I could tell him what I was looking to learn and a lecturer would be happy to talk to me, but no I’m sorry, I have dedicated enough time to this course without having to write a new syllabus for myself. Oh, and the group swap I was promised… never happened!

Overall, module four has left me feeling like a fool. I was so excited at the start, I had such high hopes for this course but it has really started to show its true colours. I am far from a digital expert however if you have ever worked within the digital landscape I would not recommend this course. It’s the equivalent of first year uni, they cover the very basics, talk a lot of theory but present you with very little practical knowledge.

I’m starting to feel like the road to Squared is a dead end….

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