Social Media Conversation

“Communication has moved away from the water cooler”, a poignant takeaway from the Squared Online social purpose class. A takeaway that isn’t news, yet still managed to strike a cord.

Conversation has moved away from the water cooler and onto social media sites. Social media has quickly embedded itself into the core of communication within companies of all sizes, whether you use Skype to video call with colleagues, Google chat to catch-up across the office or even have internal communicators like the likes of Unilever do to connect you instantly with colleagues all around the world. The water cooler still exists, only today it takes a digital form.

So, should we tut out loud when we see colleagues using internal communicators or join them in digitalising tour conversations? Some workplaces seem to be dragging their heels when it comes to moving the conversation,

This is all well and good when it comes to workplaces conversations, but what happens when it comes to our customers? Conversations on our social media accounts alone aren’t good enough, we want them talking to us on our websites. But are we prepared for this?

  • Is there a chat feature in place?
  • What is the response rate of email in comparison to tweets?
  • Does the site encourage human-to-human (H2H) conversation?

This is the crux of it, H2H conversations are key. Again, this isn’t news but it’s not something that we should ever get complacent about.  It is within the social sphere that we build relations meaning that companies have little to no choice but to be transparent about their brand and their customers experiences. Social media empowers us to speak the truth and share what is on our mind within seconds.

H2H Conversation(Image source:




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