Digital marketing and the class of 2015

Last night’s class really did leave me with some interesting food for thought so I thought I’d take some time to discuss why it’s important that we understand how the next generation of digital natives are using digital and the impact that it has on how we set about marketing a business.

Squared is already living up to one of my hopes/expectations and I’m already questioning my current practices. I feel like a dodgy inspirational quote that’s doing the rounds on Facebook, ‘I’m living for today’. I’m not planning too far into the future and tonight I’ve been led to challenge how I plan to inspire tomorrows generation if I don’t understand them.

Understanding who the class of 2015 are today, will be crucial to our social media and overall digital marketing success in the future.  They may not be our consumers in the present day, but the value of getting to know them should not be overlooked.

The next generation are social media machines and we need to understand the types of engagement that each conversation will generate. Is one conversation more likely to generate substantially more likes over comments and vice-versa?

This isn’t to say that I believe we can future-proof our digital marketing strategies, far from it, but we can help to embed a future driven culture into our businesses. We are already seeing the premature signs of Facebooks possible demise amongst the next generation. Will they be really creating profile on a platform that their parents may have had accounts on for a number of years?

Multi-channel marketing allows us to create tailored messages across a variety of platforms, talking as one brand but to numerous channel personnas and moving forwards I think it will be vital to realise the potential of omni-channel marketing. The consumer experience will remain at the forefront of our strategies, catering for the audiences evolving content demands. It’s an age old saying, but first impressions count. It’s crucial that the content provided on each social media channel continually grows, adapts and engages the modern day audience.

Now really is the time to harness organic engagement and empower the social nature of the next generation. There is no room for complacency within our digital marketing strategies with the class of 2015 knocking on our doors.

If you have any comments, please get in touch as I’d love to hear your thoughts on how we can better understand how the next generation will be using digital media.


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