The road to Squared is a dead end. #SquaredOnline

It’s the final countdown and an anti climatic one at that.

Module Five
Module five was a module of two halves and once again I’d like to say bravo to the groups and their speakers who took part in the ethical debate. Live speaking is never easy but all debaters spoke superbly!

The second half of the module briefed my group to create an infographic around how digital has influenced the automotive industry. At the start of the course I had a sneak peek ahead and was extremely excited by this module, however in the cold light of day, it was nothing to write home about.

An early class had covered infographics and how powerful they can be as a tool for content marketing, a class that I think many Squares (including myself) enjoyed. And that, is where I feel infographics should have been shelved. My fellow Square Terry summed it up quite nicely when he said

“it’s like Squared just ran out of steam so thought ‘I know let’s get them to make an infographic’.”

The assignment to create an infographic did put content curation on a pedestal and highlight its potential, designing infographics present you with the perfect opportunity to source some insightful and thought triggering facts that you can recreate.  Apart from having team work drummed in for a fifth module, this was my main module takeaway.

The course encouraged students to throw themselves into a variety of learning experiences wholeheartedly. And it’s with my hand on my chest that I can genuinely say I did just that. I waved goodbye to Monday and Wednesday nights (at a minimum), researched industries that were new to me, used innovative technology to communicate and collaborate with others yet something still wasn’t quite right.

I don’t want to repeat what I have said in a previous blog but it is hard to wrap up my Squared Online experience without mentioning some of the issues that are bubbling on the surface. The quality of the classes and the resources were simply not up to scratch and module five just seemed pointless. It dwindled off and made no attempt to consolidate our learnings or provide us with any practicalities of applying the theory to the ever evolving digital landscape.

To graduate from Squared Online, we are required to submit a blog with at least five blog posts, summarising each of the modules. This sounds like a great way of encouraging people to document and reflect upon their own learning journey, a tactic that could well come back to bite them. I assume that they understand that not all reflections will be positive ones, often they will be full of frustration and regret.

Or… is this just a link building and brand citation exercise? Hhhhmmm!

Before I sign off and wave goodbye to this expensive sham, I’d like to highlight my initial learning objective for the Squared Online course, something that I document in my first blog, “the first steps to Squared”:

” I’d like to be able to talk, strategise and act with confidence across the entire digital marketing spectrum.”

Sadly, this has not been achieved, This was an objective that I feel Squared were aware of from our initial telephone conversations and I’m frustrated they they will have known that this would never been achieved with this course. I would not recommend this course to anybody in the future. The road to Squared is a dead end.

Bitter taste aside, I’m determined to leave this course on a positive note. I am pleased to have had some of the experiences that I have had and It was great opportunity to collaborate with some fabulous industry peers and pull on their excitement. I’d like to wish my fellow Squares all the best in their digital endeavors.

For now… It’s over and out from the ginger one 🙂